Our goal is to teach, exercise and live Pilates in union of mind, body and spirituality.

About Studio

About Studio

BASI Pilates® Turkey Studio, founded by Cengiz Han Üçgün, is the only representative of BASI Pilates®, one of world leaders of the Pilates method. Fully certified and experienced BASI Pilates® instructors teach in our fully equipped Pilates studio. With its instructors and mentors of international caliber, the goal of BASI Pilates® Turkey is to teach and integrate Pilates into people’s life with an emphasis on the mind, body and spiritual connection.

BASI Pilates® Turkey Studio welcomes new students and Pilates professionals at every level. Sessions are tailored to individual needs and can include all the equipment in the Pilates arsenal, according to the requirements of the individual.

The studio’s instructors are fully qualified to assist with individual goals, ranging from weight loss and body toning to pain management, core stabilization and joint mobilization. Our clients range from Pilates beginners to physical therapists to professional athletes and dancers. This is where instructors come to train.

The work at BASI Pilates® Turkey Studio focuses on:
• Alignment and awareness
• Balance of musculature and correct movement patterns
• Control
• Development of all aspects of fitness
• Efficient movement
• Harmony of body and mind
• Fun and fulfillment

The BASI Pilates Approach
All BASI Studio instructors are trained and qualifed by BASI Pilates® and teach according to the highly-respected BASI Pilates program.

Here is the details about our lessons;
Private lessons’ length is 60 minutes.
Group lessons’ length is 50 minutes.
Maximum 6 participator is accepted in a lesson.
You can join to all lessons in a month.
Please contact us for detailed informations. Our studio is closed on Sunday.

basi-pilates-logoManolyalı Sokak No:6 3.Levent
34330 İstanbul – Türkiye
T : +90 (212) 269 33 69 / M : +90 (553) 321 64 00
E-mail: studio@bodynetworx.com

BASI Pilates® Eğitmenleri


Director, BASI Pilates Faculty

Cengiz Han Üçgün started his sports career at 10 years old playing at his elementary school’s soccer and volleyball teams. He continued playing at Galatasaray High School, and played Professional volleyball at the Galatasaray Sports Clubs Volleyball Team, where he rose to the National Team. He continued playing volleyball at the Yeşilyurt Spor Kulübü, Yıldızlar Koleji and Boğaziçi 1886 teams. He first met the Pilates method in London while playing amateur soccer at the Angel Football Club between 2003-2007.

He completed the BBU Teacher Training Program at the Balanced Body University. After working as a Pilates instructor at Piyo Studio he founded Cengiz Han Üçgün Pilates Studio in 2008. He continued his Pilates education with Rael Isacowitz, known as the teacher’s teacher and the person Joseph Pilates would have liked to be his successor. After completing the “Passing The Torch” Mentorship Program with Rael, he participated to many Pilates programs with world-renowned Pilates master teachers such as Lolita San Miguel, Mary Bowen, Ron Fletcher, Kathy Grant, Alan Herdman, Karen Clippenger, Elizabeth Larkam and Julian Littleford. He co-organized the 1. Istanbul Pilates Conference in 2010. In the same year he received the PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher certificate from Pilates Method Alliance, PMA®, an organization founded by the most authorized professionals of Pilates industry. PMA® is a professional association and a certification agency for Pilates teachers. In 2011 he became a host studio and representative of BASI Pilates, the world leader in Pilates education, and started the BASI Pilates®, Comprehensive Teacher Training Course- CTTC in Turkey. He completed Rael Isacowitz’s “Ultimate Pilates” program in the same year and in 2012 he organized Rael Isacowitz’s workshops in Istanbul. He assisted all the Comprehensive Teacher Training Courses he organized in his studio for 3 years. In 2014 he became a BASI Faculty and became a faculty member to do Pilates Teacher Training Courses.

He founded BODYNETWORX in 2014, where he is the director of BODYNETWORX Studio and BODYNETWORX Academy.

PMA Certified Pilates Teacher; BASI Ultimate Pilates (Advanced Education); BASI Pilates® (CTTC) Comprehensive Teacher Training Course 1-12 Modul; Balanced Body University Pilates Mat 1-2-3; Balanced Body University Pilates Reformer 1-2-3; Balanced Body University Pilates Trapeze Table 1-2-3; Balanced Body University Pilates Chair and Barrels 1-2-3


BASI Pilates Instructor

Born in İzmir in 1987, Berna Kaya started her athletic life at 10 years old with taekwondo at GSİM. She continued her professional athletic career at clubs like TED, Konak Belediye, İzmir Büyükşehir Belediyesi where she placed in the international, university and Turkey rankings. She received 3rd degree in black belt. In 2010 she received Artistic Gymnastics Referee certificate and worked as a referee, in the meantime she also worked as a step aerobics trainer. Berna was introduced to Pilates three years ago, when she received Balance Body University Mat 1, Reformer 1 certificates. She first started teaching Pilates in İzmir at Enercix Sports Studio. She took different educational programs from well-known teachers like Anthony Lett, Juan Castellano, Tracey Mallett. She completed the BASI BASI Pilates® Comprehensive Teacher Training Course and currently works as an instructor at BODYNETWORX Studio.

Booty Barre Certificate, BASI Pilates® (CTTC) Comprehensive Teacher Training Course Modules 1-12; Balanced Body University Pilates Mat 1; Balanced Body University Pilates Reformer 1


BASI Pilates Instructor

Efvani Aybike Koç graduated from TOBB University of Economics and Technology in 2008 with a B.S. degree in Economics. Throughout her undergraduate study, she interned with the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV), the Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SME) Union of the European People’s Party (EPP)-Brussels and Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK). After her graduation, she worked at DEIK/Turkey-America and Turkey-Middle East & Gulf Business Councils, Turkish-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Koçoğlu Group of Companies, Novida Strategic Management Services Company.

After her tenure in different corporate bodies, she took the BASI Pilates® (CTTC) Comprehensive Teacher Training Course in September 2014 and joined BODYNETWORX as Pilates Instructor in June 2015. She also works in corporate and training departments at BODYNETWORX Academy and Studio.


BASI Pilates® (CTTC) Comprehensive Teacher Training Course Module 1-12


BASI Pilates Instructor


BASI Pilates Instructor

Orhan Kanat graduated from Sakarya University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Education in 2013. During his university life, Orhan began to take ballet and contemporary dance classes as a hobby. Dancing became his life purpose and his passion for dance shaped his future career. Orhan also studied in Universidad de Zaragoza in Spain and in this period he took a ballet course with a scholarship from Escuela de danza de las Torres de Teruel. Moreover, Orhan was awarded a scholarship for training in ballet schools in Istanbul. In March 2016, he attended Comprehensive Global Format Program of BASI Pilates in Istanbul and as of June 2016 he started to work as a Pilates Instructor in BASI Pilates Levent Studio.


BASI Pilates Instructor

Pilates Lessons

Private Pilates Lessons

10'packs of
30'packs of
50'packs of

Duet Pilates Lessons

10'packs of

Trio Pilates Lessons

10'packs of

Group MAT Classes

Monday – 18:30

Tuesday – 19:00

Wednesday – 18:30

Thursday – 19:00

Friday – 18:30

Group MAT Classes minimum 3, maximum 5 participants.

For more information please contact us.

What is Pilates?

From a BASI perspective, the “Ten Principles of Pilates” are the most essential qualities of the method. You will understand these principles not by learning them intellectually, but by actualizing them physically.

  • Awareness
  • Breath
  • Balance
  • Concentration
  • Control
  • Center
  • Efficiency
  • Flow
  • Precision
  • Harmony

Benefits of Pilates;

      Develops every aspect of physical fitness,
      Heightens body awarness,
      Enchances body control,
      Teaches correct muscle activation,
      Correct posture and alignment,
      Improve balance and proprioception,
      Helps keep musculature and bone structure in an optimal state,
      Serves as cross-training for atlethic pursuits and daily activities,
      Providers a path to inner harmony through a finely tuned body.
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