BASI Pilates® Turkey

BASI PILATES® TURKEY is an organization that offers workshops and certificate programs of the world’s leading fitness trends and methods. It is also the distributor of the selected sports equipment brands in Turkey.

BASI PILATES® Studio, founded by Cengiz Han Üçgün, is the only representative of BASI Pilates®, one of the world leaders of the Pilates method. Fully certified and experienced BASI Pilates® instructors teach in our fully equipped Pilates studio. With its instructors and mentors of international caliber, the goal of BASI PILATES® TURKEY Studio is to teach and integrate Pilates into people’s life with an emphasis on the mind, body and spiritual connection.

BASI PILATES® TURKEY Academy brings training and certificate programs to Turkey that are innovative and of academic excellence and organizes workshops in specific areas of expertise. The Academy’s goal is to be up-to-date with the industry’s current trends and expand its educational calendar with new programs.

BASI PILATES® TURKEY offers the certificate programs of BASI Pilates®, the world’s highest quality of Pilates method for 25 years. The teacher trainings cover all Pilates equipment and is a comprehensive program of nearly 500 hours of training. The program trains instructors of the highest caliber to teach all levels of students.

BASI Pilates® Teacher Training Program
BASI Pilates® Teacher Trainings only take place under the umbrella of BASI PILATES® in Turkey. There are two different programs offered; Comprehensive Teacher Training Course – CTTC and Mat Work Teacher Training Course – MTTC. BASI Pilates® offers Advanced Level Educational Programs for certified Pilates teachers and organizes advanced level workshops for specific areas of expertise as well as international symposiums. BASI Pilates® is a founding member of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) as well as other institutions of the industry. It offers highly reputable and accepted certifications and creates a standard for all Pilates professionals.
Please refer to our BASI PILATES® training calendar to find the most suitable trainings and workshops for you.

BASI Pilates Studio Teşvikiye

BASI Pilates Studio Teşvikiye

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